Town hall and library project is nearing construction

Town hall and library project is nearing construction

The town hall and library project is getting closer to the construction day.

At the township meeting on Monday, Nov. 19, township manager Scott Carew said the soils were tested and no negative results were reported.

Formation of the foundation and footings will begin on Dec. 20, according to Greyhawk’s timeline posted on the township website.

Pennsauken-based Sambe Construction was awarded an $11.1 million contract on Thursday, Nov. 1. The contract is $1.6 million under the anticipated project cost, Carew said.

Sambe Construction is excited to get the ball rolling, Carew said.

At approximately 46,000 square feet, the two-story structure will be built on the site of the current library and recreation center. The entrance of the complex will face Second Street while the administration building and library will be built on the Washington Street portion of the site.

Displayed on the project design by Ragan Design Group, existing entrances will remain on Third Street.

Landscaping and parking spaces will make up the rest of the site, while the recreation center will remain in the same location.

According the Greyhawk’s timeline, the library will be relocated once the project is completed in March 2014.

The Wesley Bishop North field project is also beginning to form. Construction on the lower field started last week, Carew said.

He suggested a new edition to the field’s construction.

Carew said in the original plan, a black cinderblock wall with the Moorestown logo was expected to stay. During the sports season, teams such as lacrosse and soccer use the wall for practice. But in the adjusted, more recent plans for the site, the wall was eliminated from the plans and demolished.

Carew suggests a new wall should be built for the players to continue to use. He said the wall would cost approximately $27,000 to rebuild unless council can find a cheaper alternative.

The wall would help bring in sponsorships to the town creating more revenue.

“[The teams] have a tremendous track record of raising money and putting it back into the facilities,” he said.

According to Carew, he is trying to work with the sports programs to make sure the sponsorships will not compete with fundraising efforts.

Carew is confident the wall will be paid for after sponsorships for the wall are found.

“I absolutely have the most confidence in the world that we will have this wall paid for,” he said.