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Moorestown voting locations

In Moorestown, the polls will open on Nov. 6, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Residents from districts 1 to 3 can vote at the Lenola Firehouse on 229 North Lenola Road.

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Residents from districts 4 to 5 can vote in the social hall at the First Methodist Church on Camden and Pleasantvally Avenues.

Residents from the district 6 can vote at the Moorestown Estates Assitaed Living on 1205 North Church Street.

Residents from districts 7 and 13 can vote at Moorestown Hose Company 1 on 261 West Main Street.

Residents from district 8 can vote at Mary E. Roberts School on 290 Crescent Avenue.

Residents from district 9 can vote at LaMonte Hall in the Evergreens on 309 Bridgeboro Road.

Residents from district 10 can vote at George C. Baker School on 139 West Maple Avenue.

Residents from districts 11 and 12 can vote at Moorestown Library on 111 West Second Street.

Residents from districts 14 and 19 can vote in the MAC room at Moorestown High School at 350 Bridgeboro Road.

Residents from districts 15 and 16 can vote in the social hall at Lutheran Home on 255 East Main Street.

Residents from district 17 can vote at the Relief Engine Company on 222 Chester Avenue.

Residents from districts 18 and 20 can vote in the media center at Upper Elementary School on 325 Bortons Landing Road.


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