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Letter: Resident writes open letter to DiNatale


saw your message in the Voorhees Sun last week regarding campaign signs being stolen, and it made me wonder, why would anyone want to see a nine year public servant with your integrity and reputation voted out of office? I came up with some disturbing answers:-Voorhees administrative costs are up almost 100 percent since your election in 2003.
-Voorhees taxpayers have picked up almost $200,000 to cover your heath insurance, even though you have a full time job where you could get insurance on your own.
-Voorhees public debt has risen 30 percent since you’ve been in office.
– In February of 2012, a bipartisan budget review board presented the township with over 25 suggestions for cutting expenses and increasing revenues in Voorhees. You and our Democrat dominated township committee adopted exactly none of those suggestions. You did, however, vote to raise our taxes almost 6 percent this year.
-Even though Voorhees has approximately half the residents of Cherry Hill, our total budget expenditures are almost the same.
-You were recently the only committeeman to vote against sorely needed improvements at Rabinowitz Field, where so many of our children play. You were the only no of the five votes.
-Voorhees has more empty and abandoned buildings than I’ve seen in my sixteen years as a resident, including the Voorhees Town Center, even though retail is thriving in surrounding communities like Cherry Hill, Evesham, and Mount Laurel. Why can’t Voorhees attract businesses?
Though I don’t condone the theft of lawn signs, I think your whining rant and baseless accusations in the Sun are unbecoming of your office. As we’ve seen here, there are plenty of other things you could be focusing on that might gain you some supporters. Sadly, though, after nine years of this record, I suppose Voorhees voters can only expect more of the same if you’re reelected.

-Chuck Hague

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