Letter: Resident supports Democrats

We are currently being asked to choose three people (a majority on our Town Council) to lead us for the next 4 years. Moorestown is a wonderful town and has lots of strengths, but there are some serious issues in town that have not been adequately addressed by current council leadership

  • Years of planning cost $4 million with nothing built yet.
  • A bid of $10,783,000 was just submitted, and does not address facilities for the police, courtroom, or current library-building site.
  • Projects at the Recreation Building and the Parks — Wesley Bishop, Strawbridge, Maple Dawson, Pryor and Jeff Young — require funding.
  • There are water quality and supply challenges in some areas of town.
  • We need to improve the council meeting process, restoring time for citizen input.
  • We need to protect our open space.
  • Council needs to listen to and work with advisory committees in the town.

Greg Newcomer, Brian Sattinger, and Mark Hines have been involved with Moorestown for years. Sattinger and Hines have run for town council previously and have stayed active in the interim. Sattinger is CFO of his company and past chair of the IT Committee, and he helps youth with special needs.

Hines is a scientist and corporate manager of his company. He served on the town library board and is on the MEND Board.

Newcomer is a long- time resident and volunteer in town. He is vice chair of the planning board and on the ethical standards board. He owns a company promoting sustainable products and has a background in construction. In 2004, Newcomer was named Moorestown Citizen of the year.

Newcomer, Sattinger and Hines are committed town servants experienced in devising solutions to problems. Please consider voting for Newcomer, Sattinger and Hines on Nov. 6.

-Vickie Taylor Robertson