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Letter to the editor: Writer will cross party lines to vote for Napolitano

When I first heard the names of the Republicans running for Moorestown town council, Phil Garwood, Victoria Napolitano, and Pete Palko, I must admit I didn’t know who they were. As a Democrat, I bluntly did not care, as I can’t name a time I crossed party lines and voted Republican! Over the last few months, however, I have had the distinct pleasure of learning that Napolitano was in fact the same sweet person that had waved hello every morning as I left for work from down the street. It turns out that the same neighbor who had helped dig out the cars of senior citizens in our neighborhood during a snow storm, the same neighbor that had offered to help her neighbors with their groceries, the same neighbor who gave all of us a kind “good morning” every day was the same Napolitano that was running for town council. As a person who has had Napolitano as my neighbor, I can say that she is exactly the type of person I want making decisions for our town. She is a caring, warm-hearted individual and someone who has always been there for her neighbors. It’s our turn to return the favor. I may be a Democrat, but I support Napolitano and her running mates this Election Day.

Donna Morgan

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