Artist creates community

The Moorestown Community House will soon display a sculpture, representing the community as well as an ancient, artistic technique.

Former resident of Moorestown Chad Fisher, 29, wanted a place to display his work as well as a way of give back to his community. Spending approximately 600 hours of his time, Fisher is almost finished with the bronze, life-sized sculpture the Moorestown Community House plans to display on the property’s front lawn.

The idea for the sculpture — five children holding hands — was a collaborative effort between the Community House and Fisher.

“Moorestown has cultivated the arts. It’s still a core-value system among family, and I thought it was a very appropriate place to put figurative art,” Fisher said.

“Children of Moorestown” is the concept for the sculpture, and Fisher is proud to display his work at the Community House.

Fisher was asked to create a work of art for the property after he was given the chance to display a few sculptures inside of the Community House. He offered to donate his time to complete the four-month project.

In June, Fisher began the process with a clay molding. Three months later, in the beginning of September, the mold-making process for the statue began. Before the statue is completed, Fisher must finish the bronzing and patina process.

He will continue to work on the sculpture until a few days before unveiling the monument on Saturday, Oct. 13. Fisher is also creating 25 smaller versions of the sculpture that can be purchased for $2,500. The funds will help support the Community House.

In a news release, Fisher describes his work as “a subtle form and atmospheric style that radiates the pure joy and innocence of children.”

Fisher mentioned the classical architecture of the Community House is the perfect place to display his work.

His distinct artistic style makes his work stand out in the modern world.

Fisher does all of the work himself and uses an ancient Egyptian technique of bronze casting that he learned through apprenticeships in both Europe and across the U.S.

Although Fisher does not reject the modern elements of abstract art, he prefers figurative art.

“I believe you have three seconds to give somebody some peace,” Fisher said.

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The sculpture will be unveiled on the front lawn of the Community House, during Autumn in Moorestown on Oct. 13.