Students adjusting to new schedule

Student representatives to the Cherry Hill Board of Education spoke highly of the adjustment to a new class schedule this school year at the Sept. 24 board meeting.

They had previously given their opinions at the Sept. 11 meeting, according to district spokeswoman Susan Bastnagel.

Rebecca Fisher, representative from Cherry Hill High School East, said that the new break period during the day has been found to be useful to the student population.

Having longer class periods helps keep a “focused and fluid learning environment,” Fisher said.

She commended the efforts of the teachers during the adjustment period, explaining that they have made a clear effort to help students who miss class.

At lunch, the use of cell phones has been well taken, she said.

“Back in August, the board discussed and approved a resolution to waive Policy 5131.72, Student Use of Wireless Technology, Cellular Telephones and Electronic Devices, in order to permit students at the high schools to use such devices for appropriate personal use during their lunch break only,” said Bastnagel.

Lunch is a 25-minute period in the implemented schedule.

The use of the camera function on the electronic device is not permitted, Bastnagel added.

“The waiver is applicable until November, at which time administration will assess the impact and bring a recommendation forward for consideration,” she said.

Cherry Hill High School West representative Christopher Blandy echoed commendations of the schedule, citing that students are working hard in and out of the classroom as the school year continues.

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Board goals approved

The Cherry Hill Public Schools’ mission statement and board goals were approved at the Sept. 24 meeting.

The mission, as listed by the board, “is to provide a quality education program that ensures that all students are proficient in the Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. This program will be delivered in a positive environment, preparing our students to be knowledgeable, responsible, caring, and confident citizens in an ever-changing world.”

Goals include improving student achievement no matter their grade level and closing achievement gaps, producing a cost effective budget and boosting interaction with the community.

According to a statement, “Each demographic group, school and the district will meet or exceed the yearly Annual Measurable Objectives as identified by the New Jersey Department of Education.”

Another goal is to improve the wireless network coverage.

The district will “improve internal network infrastructure by upgrading all core network switches to gigabit and improve wireless network coverage by upgrading all access points and increasing the number of access points from 285 to 550 to enable seamless connectivity for current and future needs,” the goal reads.

A technology presentation that was scheduled was postponed to a future meeting at a date still to be determined, according to officials.

In the community, the district plans to strengthen their social media exposure, conduct “community conversations” in both the fall and spring and “develop a comprehensive training program for educational assistants, facilities staff and secretaries.”