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The 2012–2013 tax bill delay

Due to the delay in the Burlington County budget approval, the 2012/2013 tax bills will be mailed out late. At this time, there is no exact mailing date and hope they will be mailed out by Sept. 10.
Under state statue, when a tax bill is mailed out late, the grace period is extended to 25 days from date the bill is mailed. The due date will be printed on the new 2012/2013 tax bill.
Please be advised that any payments received by the tax office on the due date after 3 p.m. will be charged interest back to the original due date of Aug. 1. These tax bills will reflect the reassessment completed last year. Please note any adjustment caused by the reassessment will be reflected in the first two quarterly payments of the 2012/2013 tax year.
In Jan., property owners were mailed an estimated of the tax impact caused from the reassessment. The estimate was based on 2011 budget information and calculated at a tax rate of $2.430 per $100 assessed value. The actual tax rate calculated by the County Board of Taxation for 2012/2013 will be $2.441 per $100.
Therefore, the estimate received in Jan. was very close to the actual bill you will receive.
For further questions contact the tax collector, Kitty Taylor at 268–2377 ext, 307, or by email at


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