Delivery of the Sun News to your home

Elauwit Media is all about delivering hometown news.

Unfortunately, for some residents of Shamong and Tabernacle, we have been unable to deliver hometown news to their mailboxes. We’ve tried, and failed, to fix our delivery system, which relies on postal carrier routes. Some residents of Shamong receive The Tabernacle Sun. Some residents of Tabernacle receive The Shamong Sun.

That’s not acceptable.

So we’re offering an alternative.

If you fall into one of the above categories, send an email with your address to explaining your situation. We’re going to collect those names, and then mail a copy of the correct paper to you every week, free of charge.

Please include “Shamong delivery” or “Tabernacle delivery” in the subject line.

We appreciate your patience, as we’ve tried for a long, long time to find a solution through our regular delivery system. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

So send us an email. We’ll see that you receive the right newspaper. One way or another.