Back to school

The start of the school year is right around the corner. New back packs, sneakers, books, and the back to school excitement are all piled into one car where many parents are looking forward to their kids getting out of the house and back in the classroom. Before you send them off, there are a few changes in the Voorhees School District.

The district is beginning to implement changes to the School Safety and Security Program to increase collaboration with local agencies, said Irene Afek, coordinator of elementary programs and aide to Superintendent Raymond Brosel.

Homework Helpers is a new program for Voorhees Middle School students where volunteers are there to help each child with any homework problems.

As for any changes in the curriculum, the schools in Voorhees are applying the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English language arts. Grades kindergarten to fifth grade will see a curriculum adjustment to CCSS in math.

CCSS is a statewide curriculum standard for grades kindergarten to 12.

There were a few building improvements over the summer. New heating, ventilation and air conditioning were installed at the E.T. Hamilton School, Kresson School and Osage School over the summer. Osage School also had a new roof installed.

Expect a slight change in the lunch menu.

“The lunch menu will include more fruits and vegetables, non-fat milk and whole grain products,” Afek said.

A change in the teacher evaluation is also going to be new this year. The school district is getting ready for the new teacher evaluation system that will be used for the next school year.

“Administrators and staff will be trained,” said Afek. “This new system will focus on the best practices of teaching in order to improve student learning.”

In addition to changes in the curriculum, minor building renovations and the school lunches, students and parents should be aware that there are two new principals in the district. Stacey Morris was the assistant principal at the Voorhees Middle School and is now the principal at Kresson. Andrew Moskowitz is now the principal at Kresson.