Haddonfield native launches virtual catalog of GAME Jewelry

GAME Jewelry has launched its new online shopping experience and virtual catalog, located at www.herGAMEJewelry.com.

The accessory company, which is known for its daring, upbeat and trend-setting style, offers customers a “strong woman” ideal coupled with savvy designs that allow individuals to look and feel their best.

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“When it comes to expressing myself, I never want to lose my sense of youthfulness, boldness, fun and whimsy,” said Jaclyn English, Haddonfield native and owner of GAME Jewelry. “When I create anything, that is the sort of aesthetic I aim for, and it’s that energy that I want to give the wearer. Through GAME Jewelry, I can share that attitude with the girl who wants to stand out, and I hope the joy that comes with creating can be infused into the people who wear my items.”

The new web store features work made from Legos and sterling silver pieces, and includes five brand-new product lines. English personally selected this year’s colors to provide customers with the exact shades required to go with any outfit. Product lines with names like “Ocean and Sky,” “Palm Leaf and Lime,” “Rainbow Sherbet,” “Raspberry Valentine,” and “The Little Black Dress” are sure to inspire all.

English believes that, through creative endeavors, one is able to grow as a person and enhance her environment. With this in mind, she founded GAME Jewelry in 2011 and now makes everyday and high fashion jewelry out of non-traditional materials. English’s accessories exhibit a fun-based flair coupled with an aesthetic for starting conversations and standing out.

“Designing allows me look at the world around me in a totally new way,” said English. “It enables to me to see the potential in what one may consider average items or those intended for an ordinary purpose. I am able to explore unexpected combinations of colors, textures and patterns because there is just so much freedom in the creative process.”

GAME Jewelry’s elegant bands, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all use sterling silver materials to create an interest that sets the wearer apart from her contemporaries with a sporty, sophisticated, stylishly light-hearted beauty.

English will also appear at a number of upcoming fashion events in the Philadelphia area to promote her line.

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