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New policy potentially to come for trash in parks

Historically, 30 public works employees maintained Medford Township. On Tuesday, June 19, there were nine on the roads, said town manager Christopher Schultz at the regular council meeting.

Six workers, at least, are needed for sanitation duty. Even more are needed for lawn mowing and to act as other helping hands in the community.

With a lack of sufficient manpower, parks and playgrounds have suffered, he explained.

In his position as coach for his son’s games, Schultz picks up the trash accumulated during the games and takes it home with him to avoid an overflow of garbage, which is a practice known as carry in; carry out.

Many surrounding towns use this policy, council considered, including neighboring Mt. Laurel.

Councilman Jeff Beenstock pointed out that Mt. Laurel’s parks and playgrounds, such as Laurel Acres Park, are spotless from what he’s seen during his visits.

Deputy Mayor Frank Czekay suggested investigating the towns and their policies to get a handle on Medford.

Schultz now wants to have discussions with user groups who use the township’s fields for games and tournaments, such as the Medford Youth Athletic Association, to combat the trash issue.

The township has been doing the best it can, he explained, but the trash still piles up.

“What hair I have, I’m pulling out,” he said. “I don’t like it. It’s very frustrating.”

Mayor James “Randy” Pace agreed with Schultz, saying that instituting a carry in; carry out policy would not bother him.

In addition, the comingling of trash and recycling in cans is a “huge problem,” Pace said.

Beenstock was also in favor of the policy, stating that he, too, takes trash out of parks with him.

There is not enough resident participation, he said, and council needs to be careful on how they implement the policy.

Councilman Chuck Watson emphasized that communication with the public and user groups is key in tackling this matter.

The public is encouraged to email Schultz at cschultz@medfordtownship.com with any ideas for improvement.

“We’re definitely open to suggestions on how we handle our trash in public areas,” said Pace.

Other business

Ordinances 2012–5 and 2012–6 were adopted at the meeting.

Ordinance 2012–5 amended the fees and duration of a Certificate of Approval for sump pump inspections. More information on this amendment can be viewed at www.ecode360.com/9109167#9109313.

Ordinance 2012–6 amended the township code governing peddling and soliciting for events on public streets and property.

The ordinance gives definition explanations, a listing of fees and exemptions and violations and penalties. The full ordinance can be viewed on the township website, www.medfordtownship.com.

In an effort to remain proactive in the community, Pace suggested holding a work session meeting on Tuesday, July 10 to confront additional town issues. The regular meeting is currently scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 7:30 p.m.

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