DOE releases Cherry Hill School District’s report card

The state Department of Education has issued its 2010–11 report cards on every school in New Jersey. Here, therefore, is a brief look at the Cherry Hill School District.

In the 2010–11 school year, the district employed 43 administrators. The state average is 26.

Administrators in the district were paid above the state average, as well. In the district, administrators averaged a $133,233 salary, while statewide, administrators averaged $119,491.

In the district, teachers’ salaries averaged $59,935. Statewide, the teacher-salary average is $63,851.

Meanwhile, the average cost per student in the district was $15,704. Statewide, the average cost per student is $17,469.

Be sure to check back with The Sun next week — the edition of June 13 — for a full review of the state’s findings.