Boy Scouts demonstrate troop interest

The boys in leadership positions in Tabernacle Boy Scout Troop №439 added a lot of excitement to the troop’s recent spring open house. They made it a mini extravaganza — and it seemed to work well, as most of the young, visiting prospective members walked around with big smiles on their faces.

The Scouts felt rather than simply having young visitors listen to an adult leader discuss the virtues of Boy Scouting, they’d rather demonstrate what keeps them interested in the troop.

Visitors were greeted by a slideshow flashing on one wall, and at least three more, from other troop families, flashing on nearby laptop screens, including one with fast-paced music playing.

Then, after a very brief introduction by an adult leader, and a scout leader, everyone split into small groups, and visitors got a literal taste of what it’s like to be a member of troop.

There were a variety of demonstration stations, none more popular than the cooking demo. Visitors got to taste apple cobbler and chocolate cake the Scouts cooked in Dutch ovens over coals … as they do when camping.

The troop has a very high scout retention rate. And, those who stay with the program in Tabernacle’s Troop №439 become Eagle Scouts at a rate far exceeding the national average.

Any boy between 11 and 17 who’d like to visit the troop but who can’t make it to the open house can visit the troop’s website to see more photos and to learn more at, or talk to any troop member.