Moorestown Mayor John Button to run as independent

It’s going to be a crowded ballot for the 2012 November general elections for the Moorestown Township Council.

Mayor John Button announced that he will be running for a seat on the council as an independent candidate, almost a month after the republican committee chose not to endorse him as a candidate in the June 2 primary election.

Button will run with a party of two other independent candidates. Elaine Goralski and Randy Cherkas agreed to throw their names into the mix and run as Button’s running mates.

“Having committed a tremendous amount of time and energy over the last four years, along with my council colleagues, to address some key issues in behalf of our residents and taxpayers, I feel as though there is still work to be done,” Button wrote in an email to The Sun.

Button didn’t go into too much detail in regard to his campaign or why he decided to run again, but he did say he was excited to be running with two very qualified and committed independent candidates.

“As I pondered my decision to run, I also considered potential running mates with both relevant and proven executive experience and strong leadership qualities. I am pleased and honored that Elaine Goralski and Randy Cherkas have agreed to be my running mates. They have both been very involved in township committees and activities and are approaching this campaign with great enthusiasm. We’ll be very focused on the issues and will have more to say regarding our campaign in the near future,” he wrote.

Button and his two running mates have until June 5 to register for the November general election. Button said it will not be a problem to meet the deadline.

Please see the primary election story in this week’s issue to see the Republican and Democrat candidates that will vie for three open seats on the township council with the independent candidates in the November election.