Fire safety with the Moorestown volunteer fire companies

The Volunteer Fire Companies of Moorestown invite you to its “Home Safety Night” on May 10, at the emergency services building located on W. Main Street across from the WaWa from 7 to 9 p.m.

The night will feature several interesting demonstrations, including an electrical safety presentation, which enable visitors to learn about home electrical safety and ways to identify hazards.

Learn about different types of fire alarm systems, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Visitors will also learn how to create an escape plan and how to practice evacuating your home in case of an emergency. Understand the importance of a meeting place near your home and get information on different types of rescue ladders.

The fire companies will present information on the different types and classes of fire extinguishers and find out how to properly dispose of them. Learn about basic yearly maintenance and the proper way to use them as well as hands on training.

The companies will also have live demonstrations pertaining to common kitchen fires and how to prevent them.

A fire sprinkler demonstration trailer will also be at the event to show how home sprinkler systems safe lives.

Finally, a holiday safety demonstration will be given. Did you know that most holiday lights should only be used once and for no longer than 90 days? Learn about the leading cause of fires around the holidays.

Both Moorestown and Lenola Fire Companies are 100 percent volunteer. Learn more about the operation of your fire departments at the safety night or visit their websites at and