Stroke, stroke, stroke

n. The gym is lined with erg (rowing) machines and an electronic board that will allow coaches and spectators to track the progress of each rower over the course of the 2,000-meter race.

Rowers are accompanied by a coxswain or coach to help them keep them focused, fast and pushing for a personal best in their time. Meanwhile family, friends and teammates clap and call out words of encouragement. At the end of the race, rowers are spent physically and mentally.

Moorestown Crew had a great showing.

The men’s varsity and novice squads placed second in the team competition, narrowly missing first place to Christian Brothers Academy, while the women’s varsity and novices captured the top team spot.

Will Van Fossen posted the fastest time of the day for the team with a 6:38.5 time, which garnered him a silver medal, placing second in the men’s high school light weight category.

Andrew Hendrickson placed third, capturing the bronze medal for the same category. Also finishing in the top 10 of the high school men’s lightweight were Will Roman (4th) and Brian Regan (9th). Jacob Henry took top honors in the men’s high school open weight category winning a gold medal with a time of 6:39.0.

Gabrielle Martin had the fastest women’s time of 7:50.3 placing first in the women’s high school light weight category. Also placing in the top 10 for this category included Peyton Conrey (6th), Jessica Buck (8th) and Katie Stevens (10th). Claire Wixted took the bronze medal placing third in the high school women’s open weight category. Sam Trivinia and Olivia Perham finished 8th and 9th respectively in the same category. Another highlight of the day was Jessica Farber’s first place finish in the high school women’s novice category. Other novice women in the top 10 finishers included Kelly Bowman (4th), Cassandra Pendino (6th), and Sofia Gabin-Legato (8th).

The team’s coxswain’s also participated in a 1,000-meter race called the “Coxswain’s Challenge.”

In this case, the tables are turned and team rowers “cox” or coach the coxswains who spend the majority of the season helping their boats go fast without rowing with an oar.