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Residents urged to be more environmentally friendly and conscious

Mayor’s Message: Chuck Cahn

As we continue our review of the way we do business in Cherry Hill, my administration is looking at all of our initiatives throughout the township to see how we are better able to improve on the successes already realized. Cherry Hill continues its commitment to sustainability and recycling, instituting measures throughout town to encourage those initiatives.

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Cherry Hill Township has worked closely with civic organizations, like Sustainable Cherry Hill, to foster and promote “global sustainability at the local level.” We have recognized that sustainability is the holistic mindset of community and environment and how the two interact, a relationship that works in harmony with the planet, its resources and their limits.

Our partnerships with local businesses and residents have enabled Cherry Hill to rise to the top of the state in regard to sustainability and recycling efforts, effectively shown through the prestigious Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey.

Sustainable Jersey is a voluntary state-certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.

But I do not believe it is enough to be satisfied with our past successes. We must constantly evaluate what we can improve upon and implement positive initiatives.

As we continue to deal with the current economic climate that has seen resources dwindle, it is important that we strengthen our partnerships as a community to reduce, reuse and recycle the resources and products we utilize on a daily basis.

The township has been working hard to spread the news about the It’s In Our Power program, which encourages residents, organizations and members of our business community to take the pledge to become more sustainable. Those who take the pledge will receive information about steps to take and ways to save money, while continuing to become more environmentally conscious.

The initiative will also promote the newly developed energy champion program, which recognizes local businesses that take steps toward promoting a greener business community.

Please join as we formally launch the Energy Champion program and hold a business breakfast on Jan. 26 at 8 a.m. at Maggiano’s of Cherry Hill. In addition to launching the program, share information will be provided about available state assistance programs, such as direct install and smart-start, along with other NJ Board of Public Utilities and Clean Energy programs that can help businesses save money and upgrade their existing facilities.

In addition, Cherry Hill will continue to take advantage of annual statewide incentives to increase our efforts and we are encouraging our local businesses to strengthen their partnership with Cherry Hill’s Department of Public Works through the Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Enhancement Program. This program is an incentive grant, provided by the DEP to municipalities, based on the amount of recycling completed and reported by township businesses. We are in the process of sending an updated letter to local businesses requesting support through providing the needed recycling information in the near future. NJ DEP’s Recycling Enhancement Program pays the township three times for our efforts: Cost savings realized through the decreased trash incineration; Payment received when recyclable items are sold; and Grant monies received per tonnage from NJ DEP for participation in the program.

It is my goal to continue annual involvement in this program and build upon prior successes.

Please help support our township in the saving of significant funds.

Administration wide, we plan to continue our efforts to make Cherry Hill “greener and more sustainable.” It is this stance with which I ask the residents to join me in our efforts to become a more environmentally friendly and conscious.


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