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Honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mayor’s Message: Chuck Cahn

Just weeks ago as I was sworn in and took the oath of office, I spoke in my inaugural address about looking forward to working closely with the members of Township Council. I noted that as we embarked on our journey together, we needed to dedicate ourselves to answering “life’s most persistent question” as posed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, — “What are you doing for others?” That is a question my administration seeks to answer everyday.

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Like so many of us, I was raised to believe in giving back with a strong involvement in service to our community long before I dreamed of having the honor to serve the residents of Cherry Hill, as Mayor.

Those experiences of community involvement and service helped me learn about our town and helped me to realize that we are indeed a quilt of Neighborhoods — every patch unique, but sewn together by our common thread of commitment to our community. We are, as Dr. King said, “bound together in a single garment of destiny.” We recognize the beauty and uniqueness of the individuals that make up our communities with the wisdom that all are connected and strengthened by our shared differences and common yearnings. We have learned from Dr. King the importance of striving to see past the color of someone’s skin, and instead to focus on the content of their character.

Nearly half a century has passed and as we celebrate the life of Dr. King it’s important we remember not only the message he delivered, but also the means by which he sought change. Despite struggle and adversity, Dr. King never lost focus on the mission. His peaceful approach to achieving meaningful change not only helped heal our nation with the balm of love and compassion, but also provided an example that continues to serve as a guide for ending injustice to this day.

While we certainly celebrate the progress that has been made, this holiday provides an opportunity to acknowledge what Dr. King recognized as “the fierce urgency of now” and recommit ourselves to achieving greater justice and full equality for all. My administration recognizes that and is dedicated to make the changes to necessary to position Cherry Hill for an even brighter future.

We take pride in the inclusiveness of our community, but it’s not enough to be satisfied with what we have already achieved. We must go further and continue to strike a bold path as Dr. King spoke of.

Dr. King encouraged all citizens to live up to the purpose and potential of our nation and make this country a better place to live. There is still work to be completed so that we can achieve Dr. King’s dream, it is the focus and goal of my administration to make sure that Cherry Hill does its part each and every day.

I hope you will join our Township at Cherry Hill West High School as the Cherry Hill African American Civic Association kicks off Black History Month on Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. with an annual show featuring students and community members.

Together, with the strength of our community and the courage of our convictions, we can find ways to empower and serve our Township, so that we can truly honor the legacy of Dr. King.


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