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Medford mayor resigns amid scandal

Medford Mayor Chris Myers has resigned.

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According to Township Manager Christopher Schultz, Myers’ resignation letter was delivered to the township clerk today and took effect immediately.

Sometime in October, a man claiming to be a male escort posted a photo of what appears to be Myers in his underwear and also stated he has a photo of the mayor’s ID card. The photos were posted anonymously on a website that is no longer available.

Myers has denied the allegations he faces.

The anonymous person also said Myers paid him $500 for sex in October 2010 at a hotel in California. He said he publicized the photos because the mayor welched on promises made.

“I deny the allegations,” Myers said soon after the story broke. “Anyone can do what they want anonymously on the Internet.”

Myers has also been placed on administrative leave by his employer, Lockheed Martin.

Kimberly Ramalho, a spokeswoman for the company’s Moorestown operations, said Myers was placed on administrative leave “indefinitely” so as to avoid workplace distractions.

The scandal has been fodder for the likes of Jay Leno and Keith Olbermann on the national stage as well as internationally.

The next council meeting is tonight at 7:30 p.m.


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