Tabernacle Township receives some money

Tabernacle Township receives some money

By Katrina Grant

Tabernacle Township has received $184,600 from the state that was paid during a previous administration.

The money came in the form of a grant for work done in the township for which the administration never applied. However, the current council was able to apply for the money and was awarded it.

“This is a great benefit to the taxpayers of Tabernacle,” Mayor Kim Brown said. “That’s almost two-and-a-half cents (on the tax rate).”

In other news at a recent committee meeting:

The Redlion State Police Barracks that patrols Tabernacle will be getting a new station commander. The current commander is being transferred out due to a promotion. The township committee spoke with the major about the need for continuity for the township. The commanders at the station have been changed continuously every few months. The major said that she would work with the township to try to address its concerns and that the new commander will be just as involved as the previous one.

A member of the public stressed the need for the township to alert them more about crimes that happen in the township. She said that there should be more communication between the township and residents when crimes are committed in the area, so the public is more knowledgeable about situations that are going on and can be alert. She said that other townships that have local police departments are more proactive about informing residents when a crime has occurred.

Township Administrator Douglas Cramer explained that the state police don’t report crimes as much as local police departments do.

“The other townships you mentioned have local police departments,” Cramer said. “That comes as a great cost to taxpayers. The state police are not as active with informing us as local police departments are.”