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Letter: Mt Laurel resident upbeat about Conaway and Singleton

It was so refreshing to see that Herb Conaway and Troy Singleton won the assembly seats representing District 7 that includes Mount Laurel Township. After I had the distinct honor to meet and speak with these fine gentlemen and investigate their track records, I feel confident that they will bring the views of their constituents to Trenton with integrity. As a resident of Mount Laurel, it was important for me to support candidates who recognize that everyone has a view and opinion that needs to be truly heard and respectfully considered. I know Dr. Conaway and Mr. Singleton are aware of the issues the people of Mount Laurel are concerned about. I am sure that they will serve our community with a true sense of transparency, allow for debate and compromise and examine what solutions are most effective. I just wish that we had individuals with such qualities in our town council, but unfortunately, after attending meetings on a weekly basis for more than a year, I can say with confidence that our current local elected officials lack the skills necessary for effective leadership. More people need to get involved in issues, get to know candidates and elected officials, evaluate their skills to lead and make decisions in the voting booth based on their personal experiences and not based on campaign ads or a blind and unfounded allegiance to a political party.

Al Martino

Mount Laurel

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