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Mozitis reelected to his seat

Mozitis reelected to his seat

By Katrina Grant

Martin Mozitis was re-elected to the Shamong Township committee in last week’s election. Mozitis, a Republican, ran against Joseph Reinhart, a Democrat. Mozitis defeated Reinhart 661–261, giving him 71.7 percent of the votes, and Reinhart 28.3 percent.

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“I’ve known Joe for a long time,” Mozitis said. “We discussed it before he went into the race. I couldn’t say anything bad about Joe.”

Mozitis said he is happy to continue working on the township committee.

“I’m excited to keep working with the committee,” Mozitis said. “Our group irons everything out together pretty well.”

There are also several projects that Mozitis wants to see move ahead for the township.

“I want to see us move ahead on some issues,” Mozitis said. “I really don’t like spending money for red tape. Spending money on red tape drives me crazy.”

One of the projects Mozitis wants to see completed is the soccer complex.

“We have a grant for that,” Mozitis said. “But, the Pinelands Commission is giving us a hard time. They are bringing up stuff that happened 20 years ago.”

Despite, having to deal with the red tape, Mozitis is happy to remain working on the committee and with the residents of Shamong Township.

“I just want to thank the residents for the support. I really appreciate it,” Mozitis said.


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