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Letter: Is Medford Crossings dead or just napping?

Perhaps like most Medford residents, I was sleeping a little sounder since Wednesday’s special meeting where council members unanimously voted to kill the Medford Crossings project. They planned to vote on its final ordinance at the next council meeting scheduled for this Monday, the 7th.

After visiting the Medford website today (Friday) to view the meeting agenda and this subsequent ordinance, I was surprised to see that they’ve cancelled Monday’s council meeting due to not having a quorum. Once again, leaving me unable to watch the Medford Crossings project be put to its final death. How could this be? When, over the past year, council members have moved this project’s agenda forward at council meetings with members calling in on the phone (sometimes internationally) to confirm their “quorum” vote. Isn’t the vote to end this project of equal importance to them?

Once again, I’m left sleeping with one eye open — waiting. Perhaps like history repeating itself, their agenda is a calculated one. A SILENT strategy that will allow us to think that we are safe, when in reality; the Medford Crossings project is just napping.

What power do I and my community have to stop this project from ever awakening? Our voice and vote — use it wisely before it’s too late!

Donna Symons

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