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Resident’s paintings on display at Mount Laurel library

For local painter Virginia Marchiondo, her art is a labor of love.

A painter for 50 years, Marchiondo has lived in Mt. Laurel 26 years.

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More than 30 pieces of her work are on display at the Mt. Laurel Public Library.

“I think this is the greatest opportunity in the world,” she said of the exhibit. “I think it’s marvelous.”

Marchiondo said she has been in a lot of other exhibits but is thrilled to be showing at the library.

She said she started out sketching and has only been painting and exhibiting in the last 25 years.

Marchiondo loves the impressionist work of Pierre Auguste Renoir.

“He’s my favorite,” she said. “I always thought Van Gogh was interesting and I could see his anxiety in his paintings especially towards the end.”

Marchiondo said she also appreciates the work of painter Peter Paul Rubens.

She said her work is romantic and “not controversial in any way.”

Married 58 years, Marchiondo has four sons.

“My greatest work of art is my four sons,” she said.

Marchiondo said she draws inspiration from just about anything. For example, she was driving in the car recently and saw how magnificent the sky was at the time.

She also loves streams, water, and landscapes.

Marchiondo also goes to Lancaster County to visit one of her sons and appreciates Amish vistas with barns and bridges.

“It’s just really great,” she said, noting she also likes to sketch.

Starting when she was 12 years old, Marchiondo said she sketched a house and a bird “very badly” and “I just never gave up on it.”

The 78-year-old encourages those with artistic talent to either enroll in a college art curriculum or some other art program.

She also said her paintings exhibit her inner life.

“I think they’re very expressive and I think it shows a lot about how I feel in life,” Marchiondo said. “Painting takes away any anxiety.

“When I’m painting it’s a joy,” she added. “I’m in another world.”

One of her paintings on display at the library is “The Waltz,” which is an homage to Renoir.

While she works almost exclusively in acrylic paint, there is a watercolor in the show.

Members of the public can meet Marchiondo at the library at 3 p.m. on Nov. 13. The exhibit and reception — which includes refreshments — are free.

The exhibit runs through Dec. 29.

Marchiondo’s work is up for sale. Those interested should call her at: 856–234–1570 or email her at:vjmarch1@aol.com.


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