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Letter: Time for a change in Voorhees

Over the last decade, one party has controlled Voorhees Township Committee, and they have continued to spend our money as if it were their own, and rewarded us each year with a brand new tax increase, while rewarding themselves with expense accounts and taxpayer funded health insurance.

Did you know that before Mike Friedman was elected to Township Committee in 2010, almost every single proposed vote was passed with unanimous consent? Did you know that in that time Mike Mignogna and Harry Platt voted themselves a top tier, taxpayer funded health benefits package in every single budget? Taxes have gone up nearly 60 percent in a decade. With a record like that, I am surprised that Mignogna and Platt are not too embarrassed to run for re-election, yet again.

As taxpayers, we do not have to take this anymore. We do not have to accept the idea that our local government will just keep taking more and more from us, while giving us less and less in return. We have a choice. We can elect Jody Raines and Ron Richards.

Jody and Ron have pledged to cut the Voorhees municipal tax rate in their first year. This is not a gimmick like the incumbents are saying it is. It can be done through smart shared services programs (but NOT by sending out police to Camden, which Jody and Ron are against), increased efficiencies in government, and by applying all savings in the budget to cutting the tax rate, rather than just finding somewhere else to spend it.

On Nov. 8 we have a choice. As taxpayers and voters, we can choose to support the same stale politicians who have hiked our taxes every year while making us pay for their health insurance, or we can choose something new, two of our neighbors who have pledged to help the us with our tax bills, a pledge that has not been made in over a decade.

Please join me in voting for Jody Raines and Ron Richards on Nov. 8.

Todd Mitchell


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