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Letter: Raines and Richards the way to go

As a Voorhees resident and mother, I am very concerned about a recent “cost savings” that our township committee has implemented. By outsourcing our police dispatch they have put our families in jeopardy.

I didn’t realize what this meant to my family. When you are in an emergency and you call 9–1–1 the hope is that you will have help quickly. Our emergency calls are now routed to the county where it takes extra time to eventually dispatch the appropriate police or emergency personnel. Precious time is lost that may mean the difference between life or death.

I also learned that our police station is now closed “after hours,” and if you need police help, you have to call the dispatch to have an officer come meet you at the station.

Our taxes do not reflect a savings to offset this loss of services.

I see in the “Sun” that there is an election in our town and that the incumbents, Mayor Mignogna and Harry Platt seek re-election and point to the reduction in our services as one of their accomplishments. They cite the “cost savings” and yet, we haven’t experienced any savings in our taxes — they’ve gone up every year that we’ve lived here.

In the meantime, Mike Mignogna and Harry Platt continued to take health care benefits every year at an annual cost to the taxpayers of $20,000 per committeeman. That is, until October 1! Did they think they would pull the wool over our eyes? Just before the election they conveniently come out with an ad that says they don’t take benefits… That’s a travesty!

I am outraged and angry that my tax dollars continue to escalate and yet our services are reduced. There has to be a more efficient way to get things done, and I don’t believe the current committee is able to make those hard decisions. After ten years of control, they have relationships with the vendors and I don’t see this changing.

On Nov. 8, I will vote for Jody Raines and Ron Richards. Jody has a background in government purchasing and Ron has a track record of lower taxes for each year he served on township committee. I am confident that they are the right team to restore our services, keep Voorhees a safe community, and to reduce taxes. I urge other residents to take a hard look at the situation in town and make the right choice on Nov. 8.

Melissa Nayote


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