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Vote ‘yes’ to liquor licenses

A simple legitimate referendum on liquor license or not for Moorestown has turned into ugly madness! A respected resident is singled out at a meeting as reaping personal benefits from this license. All he would be benefiting is lower taxes and NOTHING personal! WORSE a young student in our High School is HARRASSED by his TEACHER because his family happens to be in favor of the license. DISGRACEFULL! Let’s get our hats on straight!! This liquor license approval is about improving our town, bringing in seriously needed taxes AND uplifting a mall that is dying a slow death!! This is NOT a class war as it sadly has become. No one here is personally benefiting from this license passage.. WE ALL ARE!!! I hope that the prevalent, intelligent, and sensible neighbors here in this beautiful and PROGRESSIVE town will vote YES ON BOTH Tuesday.

Irene Vosbikian

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