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Civic Association endorses Open Space Trust Fund

The Board of the Haddonfield Civic Association Supports Renewing the Open Space Trust Fund

Now in its 101st year, The Haddonfield Civic Association has been a proponent of open space and historic preservation issues in the Borough going back almost to its inception — in the 1920s the HCA actively supported preserving the natural area around Hopkins Pond and surrounding Haddonfield with a large park. It even purchased what is now the Fortnightly to preserve it and use it as place for convening. The HCA strongly promoted the creation of the Shade Tree Commission, which was approved by the voters in May 1929.

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On November 8, 2011, voters will have an opportunity to support open space protection by renewing the Haddonfield Open Space Trust Fund that they first passed in 2006 with the HCA’s support. The OSTF raises funds for acquiring and maintaining open space, and historic preservation in the Borough. Most importantly, it is a critical prerequisite for seeking funds from public agencies like NJ Green Acres on favorable terms.

Over the past five years, the OSTF has raised $550,000 from Haddonfield residents. The Borough leveraged those funds by seeking and being awarded two state Green Acres grants totaling $950,000: that is a good return on each dollar contributed by a Haddonfield taxpayer.

The Borough Commissioners have stated that their priority is to use the OSTF revenues for passive and active recreation space at Bancroft if they can agree on terms with the seller. The HCA currently takes no position on the myriad proposals being suggested for the Bancroft parcels but notes that they all include varying degrees of passive and active open space — parks, trails and playing fields.

Let’s have history repeat itself: The HCA Board of Governors endorses renewing the OSTF and encourages Haddonfield residents to vote to continue it for another five years.

Haddonfield Civic Association Board of Governors


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