Fox and Roach spreading the charity funds around

“It is inspiring to see the voluntary donations, on behalf of our sales associates and employees, make a difference in people’s lives through the charitable giving of Fox and Roach Charities,” said Gerry Griesser, President of Fox and Roach Charities. Fox and Roach Charities has contributed more than $3.8 million through office fund donations and board of trustee grants, since its inception in 1995, to more than 250 organizations in the Tri-State area.

Through Fox and Roach Charities, the Moorestown Office recently made charitable contribution to the Spanish American Social Cultural Association, in Willingboro, to provide services to the Spanish community and other ethnic groups in dealing with housing and homelessness. The charity also made donations to Habitat for Humanity in Burlington County in Cinnaminson to build new and rehab homes. Finally, the charity also donated to Catholic Charities Emergency, in Delanco, for food, clothing and school supplies for children and help with homeless and domestic violence survivors

Fox and Roach Charities, the charitable arm of Prudential Fox and Roach, Realtors, is headquartered in Devon, PA, is a non-profit charitable organization focusing meaningful contributions of time, effort and finances toward service projects that address the needs of children and families in stressful life circumstances.

“We are so pleased to be able to continue our charitable giving to help those in need,” added Kassie Aungst, Fox and Roach Charities Director, “especially in today’s economic climate.”

Funds are raised through voluntary contributions from sales associates and employees, through Prudential Fox & Roach real estate transactions and payroll donations to Fox and Roach Charities. In addition, Prudential Fox & Roach sales associates make substantial contributions of time and effort to charities within the communities they serve. Visit for more information about Fox and Roach Charities and to view a list of recipients.