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The Yellow Ribbon Clubs needs cookies, Marlton bakers

It is that time of year again. The Yellow Ribbon Club is having its 5th annual campaign to gather and ship homemade cookies to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. Marlton United Methodist Church has partnered with us every year since the start of our cookie drives by allowing us to use their facility to hold the drives. Our partnership has proven successful each year as we generate more and more cookies to ship to our troops who are in harms way.

Many military men and women will be away from their families for this holiday and we feel that shipping homemade cookies to them is a great way for all of us to show our appreciation to them for their sacrifices. We do not promote any opinions about the war; we just want to support the troops. History has shown that there are many folks that also want to support the troops as evidence of our very successful cookie drives in the past. We thank all of you for the past years in baking delicious cookies, as the troops love them. We hope to out-do last years cookie drives so please, fire up those ovens and start baking.

A few notes on the bake sale:

• If you are not a baker, that is fine, store bought cookies are also accepted and shipped.

• Packaging-please put your cookies in layers in large Ziploc bags or in Glad disposable containers. (Please do not use cookie tins, as they are costly in shipping).

• You are welcome to put a little note in with your cookies. Feel free to write about your cookie baking, and a note of encouragement. (Please do not allow children to put their home address or phone number.) Adults, it’s ok to put email address or mailing address should you like a response from our recipients. We cannot promise that they will write back as some don’t have access, but we do have some soldiers that will write back.

• We will be shipping these cookies on Monday, Nov. 7 first thing in the morning, so we cannot accept cookies after Nov. 5.

• We will be running another cookie drive soon after this one for December Holidays. Watch for the date on our website calendar.

For more information, please visit www.yellowribbonclub.org.

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