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More rain this week

No, it’s not your imagination. Yes, it’s raining. And we have another hurricane off the coast.

But Hurricane Katia isn’t supposed to hit land in the East Coast, according to weather.com. We’re just getting tropical storms.

Medford, for example, is expected to get another inch-and-a-half of rain today, with more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and Thursday.

Mostly it’s going to be a hinderance to flood clean-up from the last hurricane.

Plus the surf along the shore is going to be awful — or great, depending on how crazy you are. Weather.com predicts large swells. And rip currents. Parts of the coast also are supposed to get rain right on through the weekend.

By the way, the United States has still yet another hurricane besides that — the much weaker Hurricane Lee. But it’s hitting land down in the Gulf of Mexico, so all the rain should be tapped out by the time it reaches Virginia.

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