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Street signs seem to be a target lately

The following items can be found on file with the Haddonfield Police Department:

• A Kings Highway East business owner reported to police on Aug. 23 at 5:16 p.m. that a male suspect, aged 35 to 40, wearing a Nike baseball hat, a gray shirt, and gray cargo pants attempted to steal four cartons of cigarettes valued at $288.

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The suspect realized he was being watched and quickly left the store without the cigarettes. Units responding to the scene could not locate the suspect.

• A Washington Avenue resident reported to police on Aug. 23 at 9:19 a.m. that an advertising sign was stolen from his front yard the night before.

This was the third sign in the past week to be stolen, he said. The signs are valued at $175 each.

• A N. Haddon Avenue resident business owner reported to police on Aug. 25 at 2:16 p.m. that an employee responsible for overnight bank deposits allegedly stole several of the deposits.

The victim reported that the employee hadn’t been at work since May 28. She never submitted a resignation or called to say she quit. She still had three deposits totaling over $800, the victim reported.

• The Haddonfield public works superintendent reported to police that 11 street signs around the borough had been stolen. The public works superintendent said the poles had been bent and then the signs stolen.

The suspects, the superintendent said, were sawing the poles in half and then bending them over to get at the signs. Also, on three occasions the poles themselves were stolen as well.

The signs with attached hardware were valued at $110 each. All individual signs were valued at $30 each.

• A Peyton Avenue resident reported to police on Aug. 15 at 8:20 a.m. that the victim’s unlocked car was entered the night before.

The suspect reported that a GPS unit and a registration/insurance card were stolen from the vehicle. They were valued at $200.

• A Longwood Circle resident reported to police on Aug. 13 at 6:45 p.m. that when he returned to his apartment that night he found that a cigarette roller and $35 had been stolen from the top drawer of his bedroom.

He noticed that his window had been opened slightly.

• A Euclid Avenue resident reported to police on Aug. 13 at 2:52 p.m. that his mountain bicycle had been stolen from his unlocked shed.

The bike, a Great Mountain Bike, was valued at $2,000. He was able to provide the bike’s serial number to the officers.

• A victim reported to police on Aug. 14 at 7:59 p.m. that her car had been broken into while it was parked in the rear lot of Crows Woods. Its rear window had been shattered and her purse was stolen.

The purse contained several debit cards, a driver’s license, a personal identification card, her keys, her wallet, and $50 in cash.

She contacted her bank, Wells Fargo, who cancelled her debit cards. The institution told the victim that someone had charged $38 to the card at a 7–11 in Cherry Hill, purchasing five packages of cigarettes. The suspect tried to charge another $35 on the card, but it was rejected because of a lack of funds.

Officers went to the 7–11 and talked to the employee who had been on duty at the time. He said he remembered the suspect and turned over the store’s surveillance videos over to the officers. The tape showed a 25-year-old male suspect with short hair and a pencil thin beard drive into the parking lot with a blue Mercury Grand Marquis. The suspect was shown purchasing the cigarettes.


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