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Seneca girl’s tennis gears up for upcoming season

By Katrina Grant

As children head back to school, a lot also head back to school sports. The new school year is upon us, and many students have already been practicing.

At Seneca High School, fall sports, such as tennis, cheerleading, cross-country, football, gymnastics, soccer and volleyball, are already in full swing.

The Seneca girl’s tennis team is returning this year with 31 girls, 18 of whom played last year. The team has five girls on the varsity team. The team has already had one scrimmage against Williamstown and another was scheduled last week against Northern Burlington.

“The team is really young, but we have some experience,” head coach Sue Johnson said.

This year the varsity and junior varsity squads have two returning singles players and three returning doubles players. The teams are practicing every day to get ready for the upcoming season. In practice, the girls are working on drills that include running, playing matches with each other and building necessary tennis skills.

“We are working on serving, returning, forehands, backhands, and we have challenge matches in practice,” Johnson said.

Johnson credits the harmony of the team for what she hopes will be a successful season. She thinks the team cohesion will help the girls have a winning season.

“I’m very optimistic and excited about the upcoming season,” Johnson said. “The team is athletic and energetic. Everyone’s upbeat and everyone gets along. Sometimes, when you have challenge matches, rivalries are formed, but there are no rivalries on our teams.”

With five sophomores and two juniors playing this year, Johnson knows she can look forward to next year also being a good season.

“I have three sophomores playing singles, and, looking ahead to next year ,no one’s leaving, so that is a good thing,” Johnson said. “I’m very excited, our JV team is one of the strongest teams we’ve had. We have 10 strong players, which is good because if someone gets sick or can’t play, we have people that can fill in.”

The junior varsity team is coached by Seneca High School World Languages teacher, Shawn Kirby.

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