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Really calm, low-key home break-in

Ever meet a new person and have one of those awkward conversations?

“So. What were you doing in my house? Why are you carrying out my suitcase?”

A woman in Medford told police she returned home Monday at about 5:30 p.m. to find a man walking out her front door carrying her black suitcase.

The man reportedly had a black handgun sticking partly out of his right front pocket. But even after the victim confronted him, he never took out the gun, never threatened her, just put the suitcase into his car — old, dull-blue, four-door, maybe a Honda — and drove away on Church Road, headed east.

The suspect seemed like he was in his early 30s, had medium to dark skin, stood maybe six-feet tall, and apparently wasn’t the type to panic under pressure. He had short black hair and possibly a mustache. He wore a cap, blue jeans and a white t-shirt with some kind of logo on it, Medford Police said.

The front door of the house had been kicked in, the upstairs bedrooms had been ransacked, and the homeowner was now missing jewelry, prescription medication, DVD video games and, of course, a suitcase.

Also, a bunch of stuff had been hauled in from the garage and piled up by the front door, apparently all ready to load into a car — a gas-powered blower, an electric hedge trimmer and a Nerf gun.

Why would a man with a real gun need a Nerf gun?

If you think you know who this calm and collected individual is, contact the Medford Township Police at 609–654–7375 or the confidential tip line at 609–714–0302.

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