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Never forget what happened 10 years ago


Ten years ago the twin towers came down during the most brazen terroristic attack this country has even seen. Everyone throughout the country will recognize the 10th anniversary of 9–11 and local representatives are calling for a 10th anniversary remembrance.

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The township will host a 10th anniversary remembrance of the 9–11 attacks on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 2 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church, 207 W. Main Street. The 200 Club of Burlington County and its President Peter Clifford will host the remembrance ceremony.

“The event is open to the public and I encourage anyone to attend. This will be the seventh year we host this,” Clifford said. “We’re in support of all police, fire, and EMS services in the county. There’s a 200 Club in every county in the state.”

The ceremony is intended to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the nation’s tragedy and will honor all of those who died and also pay tribute to the first responders including police officers, firefighters and Emergency Services personnel.

Members of municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies along with area firefighters, emergency medical personnel, will attend the memorial prayer service Clifford said. Also, emergency coordinators and representatives of local, county and state government will be in attendance.

One of the scheduled guest speakers for the memorial service will be Moorestown Firefighter Jonathan S. Clifford.

“My son is a keynote speaker. He served at ground zero. He volunteered and was the youngest to volunteer to serve at ground zero,” he said.

The event is a non-political event, Clifford stress, and just a ceremony to recognize all those who gave their lives in the attacks and volunteered their time at ground zero.

The 200 Club of Burlington County is a charitable, non-profit organization comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers with the primary mission of providing financial assistance to the families of fallen or injured members of the State Police, County and Municipal Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services serving the citizens of Burlington County. The Club also supports these public safety professionals through the awarding of scholarships, advanced training awards and recognition awards.

As long as I’m a member of the 200 Club, I will ensure that this event goes on. Personally it’s very important to me to never forget. The general public gets complacent and forgets, so it’s very important to never forget,” he said. “Any loss of life that day was catastrophic.”

For more information, please visit www.burlco200club.org.


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