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Family busted up in Medford drug raid


When police finally came down on Anna Thomann and Steven Corletto, others in the Thomann family ended up getting arrested with them.

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Medford Police and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office made the arrests after an investigation of several months, charging that Thomann, 20, and Corletto, 21, had been selling Oxycodone out of a residence on Dorset Drive on Medford.

Police say a search of the house turned up Oxycodone, marijuana, Hydromorphone, a firearm, marijuana paraphernalia, hypodermic syringes and a fake driver’s license.

Police also found that a 5-year-old child was living in the residence — causing a charge of child endangerment to be added onto the arrest for distribution of Oxycodone, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana over one ounce, possession of a firearm while involved in a CDS offense, and possession of a fraudulent drivers license.

But the prosecutors also turned their attention to Thomann’s family, starting with her mother, Mary Delynn Thomann, 47, who owns the residence, and now faces many of the same drug and child endangerment charges as her daughter.

The same goes for Anna Thomann’s sister, Mary Delana Thomann.

The highest bail, though, was still reserved for Anna Thomann and Corletto — $75,000 and $65,000 respectively — in cash.


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