Liquor referendum fine, but not open space?

As a resident of Moorestown I am disappointed to see the most recent turn of events regarding the two petitions put forth to be on the ballot in November.

Regardless of what one thinks about either of the two causes, the processes could not be more different. On one hand, the Open Space petition was collected by local residents, certified on each page, and each collector of signatures signed that they collected the signatures on their page, took an oath before a notary and signed a statement to that effect. Most, if not every signature had the signers address next to it.

In stark contrast, the collectors of the liquor petition were in most cases, not from town. Many were employees of the mall. Each page of signatures they collected only had the collector’s initials on it, maybe. And in many cases addresses do not accompany signatures. Yet the latter was certified per council and the former was not. Very disappointing!

Maryanne Fallows