Need breaking school news? Haddonfield has it all


About 20 years ago this article never would have existed, but today it’s a necessity. School is just around the corner and students and parents alike will be flocking to the different school district website to see their class lists, download permission forms, physical forms, and even track their grades.

Parents and students can visit Haddonfield Public Schools website at for up to the minute breaking information and specific activities in regards to all five schools in the district.

Haddonfield has completely redone the look and feel of its school district website since last year. The welcome screen is much more intuitive now and offers links to each individual school, the board of education, staff contact information, and parental portals to keep parents updated on their child’s progress.

Visitors are greeted with a “news and information” feed at the center of the page which is updated with breaking news and changes within the school district.

Each school has its own website, and parents can view staff contact information, breaking news, and lunch menus for all three elementary schools. Lunch menus are not currently available for the middle school or Haddonfield Memorial High School.

Parents can also sign up for an account with the Genesis Parent Access program, which can be found at the very top of the welcome page. The access program allows parents to track the progress of their children as they go through their respective schools, enabling them to see upcoming homework assignments, reports, teacher notes, and grades.

District-wide and individual school calendars can be accessed through each site, offering information about important dates throughout the school year such as teacher in-services, half-days, days off and high school graduation. The district will place updates on closings or delays on its homepage. For more information on delays, parents can check the School Closing Info tab on the top of the homepage.

The Board of Education tab, listed on the side of the page, brings visitors to a page with upcoming meeting dates, agendas, minutes from past meetings, policies and bylaws, Board committee assignments and student enrollment projections. Phone numbers and email addresses for each Board member can be found under the site’s contacts section.

Budgets dating back to 2007–2008 can also be obtained in the BOE section of the website.

Interested visitors can check out the district’s new website at