She’s got the market cornered on ponytails

Emily Lubin doesn’t even let ponytails hit the ground at the Kris Cole Salon anymore, she’s all over them the second they’re cut.

Lubin tapped Liz Gadomski, one of most frequent donators, and collected Gadomski’s fourth ponytail to the Wigs for Kids Moorestown Challenge.

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Liz is a graduate of Moorestown High School and Vassar College. She is a coach at Pheasant Run Swim Team and is a teacher and coach at Highland High School.

Lubin, a Moorestown High School sophomore, started the Wigs for Kids Moorestown Challenge when she was a third grader at Baker School in 2004. Her initial goal was to get 50 donors by Mother’s Day 2005.

If anyone is interested in donating their ponytail to Wigs for Kids, they can learn more by visiting

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