Indian Mills Memorial School to host leadership camp

Last winter, Tim Carroll, Principal of IMMS, and a group of parents collaborated on a program to invest in the children of Indian Mills Memorial School. After months of discussion, a program designed around leader development began to emerge. In its final form, parents and the school designed a six-hour camp that embraces the best ideals of leadership extolled by some of our most prominent leaders.

Dubbed Becoming a Better Leader Camp, it will incorporate guest speakers that include Bill Fisher, Head Coach of Seneca’s Football team, representatives of the N.J. State Police, the Dean of Temple Law School and Dan Giordano, a teacher and coach at IMMS. They will cover such diverse topics as making choices, honesty, accountability for actions, respect and trust over a four day period.

This camp is restricted to students in seventh and eighth grade currently enrolled in IMMS. The cost is $15 for the week and all proceeds will go to the IMMS Athletics Booster Club to support the athletic programs of the school. It will run from 8–9:30 a.m. daily, July 25–28 on the grounds of IMMS.