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Letter: Take away the perks that keep leaders in power

Can you imagine a president that would threaten to take away the meager subsistence of grandma while he protects the exurbanite salaries of government and union workers?

If your private company were threatened with bankruptcy your job would be gone in an instant with no thought of unpaid sick leave or unused vacation time. What protects government workers from being laid off or their jobs eliminated?

There are hundreds if not thousands of federal programs that contribute little to the welfare of this nation but for some reason they and their minions are off limits. Yet grandma whose subsistence check, which she funded out of her own pocket from years of labor or the labor of her spouse, is the first to be threatened because a bully president can’t continue to spend money as he wishes.

It wasn’t long ago that the federal debt ceiling was 1 trillion dollars. Now it is $14 trillion and that is not enough. Where does it stop?

In round numbers the government from taxes and other fees takes in $200 billion a month. Interest on our colossal debt amounts to about $20 billion.

Yet the Obama administration wants to spend over $300 billion a month and that is where the problem is.

Do we need a government that doesn’t understand the bare minimum of Economics 101? You don’t spend more than you take in. You don’t send millions in foreign aid to shore up so called friends that don’t respect us in the first place.

We don’t keep a military in posts a half a century after the war was ended while we let thousands invade our border every year without consequence. It is time we send a strong message to those at every level of government that enough is enough.

Eliminate those who are unable or unwilling run our country the way you have to run your household. Take away the perks of retention that keep leaders in power and return the country to that which was envisioned by our founders; a government run by citizens who gave of their time and then returned to their private lives only with the thanks of a job well done.

Marion Eggleton


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