Reminder: Some athletes to take the Impact Concussion Baseline Test

Attention all Eastern Regional High Schools’ fall athletes and parents/guardians.

A reminder that those student-athletes who participate in football and boys’ and girls’ soccer are required to take the Impact Concussion Baseline Test prior to participation.

This includes incoming freshmen and any transfer students.

Those who have already taken the online baseline impact test during a previous school year at Eastern do not need to take it again.

The impact test is available online.

Go to the Eastern Regional Web site and click on “Athletics,” then “Forms.”

Download the permission form and testing instructions, then return the signed permission form to the athletic trainer, or to the athletic office once your son or daughter has taken the test (a link to the online test is provided on the “Forms” webpage).

Please pay special attention to all testing instructions to ensure a valid test. Any invalid tests may require a re-test. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, contact Mr. Christy to arrange a testing time at school.

The baseline test is not intended to identify a current concussion. If your son or daughter has recently suffered a concussion, has not yet recovered or been cleared by a physician for unrestricted sports activities due to a previous concussion, do not take the baseline test.

Instead, notify the athletic trainer or your physician for an evaluation. Please contact Mr. Christy at 784–4441 x1277, or the athletic office at x1165, if you have any questions.