Shamong Township awards bid for municipal building roof

By Katrina Grant

The Shamong Township Committee awarded a contract to Gen II Contract Co Inc. for maintenance to the municipal building and roof at a recent meeting.

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The contractors quoted a price of $87,150 for the repairs, which was the lowest quote, with some quotes ranging as high as $180,000. However, township engineer Robert Mannix warned the committee and township of possible unforeseen extra costs associated with the repairs.

“There is a high potential for a changing price once the project gets started,” Mannix said.

The roof at the municipal building was last done about 15 years ago. The roof now has two layers on it that need to be fully removed to fix the roof. The township has been putting $30,000 aside for the past five years to use for maintenance of the roof and building. At the meeting the committee voted to move the funds and use them for the repairs.

“I would just like to commend the board for their approach on fiscal responsibility by saving $150,000 over the past five years,” Douglas Heinold, township solicitor said. “Most places bond and pay interest on money needed for projects.”

In addition to the repairs done on the roof and throughout the building, changes will be made to make the building more accessible to handicapped people when voting. Through the Help America Vote Act, the township will add notification bells to the doors because of the weight of them.

At the meeting, the committee also approved a salary of $40 per hour for the building code officer. They also approved the application for the Adopt a Road program for the Indian Mills Memorial School Student Council trails program. The students at the school have been maintaining trails around Shamong Township.

“These students need to be rewarded for their work,” Mayor Jon Shevelew said.

The committee also had an update on the soccer complex and said that everything is moving ahead. They are hoping to have everything go to bid at the same time.

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