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Animals need to stay cool too, its the law

The Burlington County S.P.C.A Humane Police

6 Lilac Lane, Bordentown



Your dog or cat can die of heat stroke within 15 minutes.

Each summer countless dogs and cats suffer needlessly and even die in cars that become unbearable ovens when it is hot outside.

On average summer days, the temperature can reach a broiling 160 degrees inside your car in mere minutes.

Remember open windows, shaded areas and air conditioner leaving your car motor running is a violation of NJ State law if unattended.

The heat build up can kill an animal very quickly even with windows cracked a pet can die of heat Prostration with in 15 minutes. Animals do not perspire like we do; they cool down only by panting to evaporate water from their lungs through their throat and tongue.

Please do not leave them in a parked car.

Under NJ State law “any person who inflicts unnecessary cruelty upon a living creature by leaving it unattended in a vehicle under inhumane conditions adverse to the health or welfare of the living animal or creature.”

Is a crime of 4–22–17A ( 3 ) a Disorderly Person Offense and subject to Arrest and Prosecution, the maximum fine is $ 1000.00 , up to 30 days community service and 6 months Jail time or all of the above.

To report animal abuse 1–800–582–5979

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