Lead feet drivers should watch out


Hey, all you Nascar racers zooming through the streets of Evesham Township, might want to lay off the accelerator and pay attention to those signs on the side of the road that tell you how fast you can go.

The Evesham Township Council unanimously agreed to submit an application to the state department of transportation to participate in a traffic control signal monitoring system pilot program.

The “red light running” program is an automated enforcement program which will see several signal monitoring systems installed at several intersections within the township. The systems have served as an effective tool in encouraging drivers to observe and obey traffic control devices at intersections.

The tools take pictures of motorists who run through red lights, recording their license plate and then mailing out tickets to offenders.

There are four intersections in town that are being investigated, Township Manager Tom Czerniecki revealed. Route 73 and Brick Road, Route 73 and Greentree Road, Route 70 and Locust Avenue, and finally Route 70 and Maple Avenue are the four intersections being considered.

A similar system was installed in Cherry Hill Township in 2010.