Runyan: Act now on Medicare or it will go bankrupt

In response to The Marlton Sun’s post Dems: Newt Gingrich says Medicare plan ‘radical’, Congressman Jon Runyan released the following statement today:

“In all the heated rhetoric about Medicare, there is one fact that no one can deny: If we fail to act now Medicare will go bankrupt and a critical safety net for millions of seniors on a fixed income will be destroyed. Sadly, with so much at stake, many are more focused on trying to scare seniors and levy political attacks, than solving problems. They should be ashamed. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Congressman Ryan’s proposal, he deserves credit for having the courage to put forth a serious plan to deal with entitlement reform. If others have better ideas, put them on the table and let’s have a serious debate. I have an open mind and am ready to listen to good ideas from both sides of the aisle, but I have no time for people who only care about scoring political points at the expense of our country’s long-term fiscal health.”