Vandalism at Village Green


Wide spread vandalism was reported to police over the weekend, as the manager of Village Green Community Association said it was havoc at the 55-and-up community.

Manager Natalie Fries reported that the clubhouse at the association was subjected to several counts of vandalism, most likely from a juvenile, she said. In the clubhouses pool area, Fries said several electrical sockets were knocked off of the walls, a soda machine was broken, and all of the pool furniture and several barbecues were thrown into the pool.

After the group finished their work at the pool, they broke a window and got into the clubhouse, Fries reported. In the clubhouse a fire extinguisher was emptied in the offices and hallways, ketchup was smeared on the walls, and several windows were broken.

The group was smoking, Fries said, because the fire alarm was triggered by the smoke from their cigarettes at 4:16 a.m. on Saturday, May 14. The fire department was dispatched to the scene, she said, which was the first to investigate the scene.

A propane tank was also thrown through a window, Fries said. Graffiti was written over all the walls as well.

It was most likely a group of juveniles, she said, because it was very “childlike stuff.” The damage had yet to be repaired or cleaned up by Monday, May 16, because the insurance company hadn’t inspected the area yet, Fries said.

Fried said that the Evesham Township Police Department has been contacted and a report has been filed. There are no suspects in the case.