All hail our contest winner

Almost 1,000 votes were cast over the weekend for Elauwit Media’s communications money. Haddonfield Friends School, which was leading the contest going into the weekend, was bumped from the top three after a late flurry of activity.

All groups were worthy nominees, but in the end the money will be donated to Help Women and Children Now, which finished the contest with 525 votes.

The Kids Alley Cafe, hosted by Christ the King School, came in second with 370 votes. The Haddonfield Auxiliary Police finished out the top three with 123 votes.

In total, 1,254 votes were cast in the contest.

Elauwit Media is giving away the money it received for the borough communications services contract. The company so far has billed the borough $2,780, but more work is going on, so that number will rise, and that money will be added to the prize pool.

Help Women and Children Now will receive 50 percent of the money, while Kids Alley Cafe and Haddonfield Auxiliary Police will receive 30 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Thank you to all those who registered an account and voted in the contest.