Reminder: Vote for your favorite group with The Haddonfield Sun

If you want your favorite local nonprofit to share in the bounty of Elauwit Media’s communications services money, the time to act is now. Voting ends this Monday, May 16.

Elauwit Media is giving away the money it received for the borough communications services contract. The company so far has billed the borough $2,780, but more work is going on, so that number will rise, and that money will be added to the prize pool.

Visit Register as a user. To register, you’ll need your name and an e-mail account. You already have a name. If you need an e-mail account, you can sign up for a free one at Yahoo or Google.

Once you’re registered, visit the poll section of our home page and vote for the organization you support.

You can only vote online, and you can vote for only one group.

Then, check back often to see how your group is doing. Feel free to encourage fellow supporters to vote, too.

Voting ends on Monday, May 16 at noon, so don’t delay in spreading the word.

The group with the most votes will receive 50 percent of the money. Second-place gets 30 percent, and the group in third gets 20 percent.